Barletta, the city of the Challenge


Barletta, the city of the Challenge barletta

Barletta, “City of the Challenge,” the town of Barletta, the provincial capital of BT (Barletta Andria Trani), is one of the largest cities of Apulia. Overlooking the Adriatic Sea, opposite the Gargano promontory, Barletta is one of the most characteristic of Puglia, where history and culture are intertwined at every corner. Its origins there is uncertainty, but right away Barletta, Bardulos originally called, was a historical place and full of charm. In the past, under the Roman Empire played an important role in maritime; during the Second Punic War in 216 a. C the Roman army was defeated by that of Hannibal in the “Battle of Cannae”. With the Normans Barletta became a fortress and commercial center. In 1194 Frederick II began the construction of its impressive castle now become one of the main symbols of the city. Under the Angevins lived heyday.

But the most important event that marked the city and made it famous all over the world, took place on 13 in February 1503 and was the famous Challenge of Barletta fought between Italian and French. Today Barletta has a number of historical monuments that are the theater of its origins and its past: The historic city center is full of monuments such as the Cathedral and the Castle overlooking the beautiful city by the sea inside. Santa Maria Maggiore is one of four basilicas palatine of Puglia and holds within it many treasures of great historical value.

The Colossus Heraclius is an integral part of Barletta. Mayor, Heraclius is a giant bronze statue, 4.50 m high, dating from the fifth century, probably depicting the emperor Theodosius II. The Winery of the Challenge place of ancient origins where the clash took place in the match between Italian and French. The Church of the Sepulchre, Sant ‘Andrea, San Gaetano are just some of the churches that make up the mosaic town of Barletta.